Momentum 2018

This year has started off really well and we’re all working really hard to keep pushing forward. In the beginning of the year we had two gigs at The Tivoli in Helsingborg and it’s incredible to see how fast things are moving forward when having a positive attitude and actively looking for new opportunities to grow as a band.

This is what’s coming up for Trip Sixteen in the near future. It’s really nice to see that our past live performances have been well received and our music is being requested around town.

On Wednesday March 21st we’re playing at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg together with a band from Lund called Malenkost. You can read more about this event on Dunkers website or go check out the Facebook event.

Next month on April 21st we’re arranging a gig at Jutan, Helsingborg, together with the organization Studiefrämjandet where we’ll play a full on live concert and invite our fans for an intimate night with live music. More about this event when we’ve rocked Dunkers.

Thanks for your support. Hope to see you soon!!



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